The Dark Fortress

White Dwarf spine, 6th Edition models and latest DA Codex rumours

7 April 2012 | 5th Edition

A few snippets of interest regarding the Dark Angels have emerged over the last few days so they're all merged into this update.

White Dwarf spines

April's White Dwarf saw another sliver of the mysterious figure being added to the emerging larger collected image.

This is getting interesting and it looks odds-on to be Azrael. The ornateness of the shoulderpad motif, the detail on the exhaust vent on the backpack, and the decorative sword/dagger hilt all point toward a high-ranking Dark Angel. Of course it could be a Company Master, but the Chapter Master is looking more likely so far — and maybe later spines will reveal a Lion Helm carrying Watcher in the Dark, who knows.

Checkout that interesting plasma weapon. It's too big for a plasma pistol and it isn't a comb-plasma either as it would appear to have upper and under plasma coils and has no bolter magazine. Meaning this is some kind of new weapon — possibly a twin-linked plasma gun? If it is then what's Azzy doing with it unless it's a new manifestation of the Lion's Wrath? And why is it firing downwards?

6th Edition Dark Angel models

More on those plastic Space Marines that feature in the new 40K Paint Set. In April's WD we are informed that the Warhammer 40,000 Paint Set includes five plastic Space Marines, and captioned under an image of one:

The Dark Angels included in the Warhammer 40,000 Paint Set are new plastic miniatures featuring sculpted shoulder pad icons.

It doesn't give much away but confirms what I thought earlier when I first saw them that they will be used in the 6th Edition boxed set. GW would not go to al the trouble of designing and producing five new models just for a paint set.

The image of the model is the clearest indication yet that this is a push-fit model. Why? Well the shoulder pad that is visible it has no 'inside', the bottom edge of the pad forms a horizontal plain that adjoins the models arm. And the pose is a bit wooden too. Haven't seen one in the flesh yet.

5th Edition Dark Angel Codex rumours

After a quiet month or so with no DA but plenty of Chaos rumour I was beginning to think the worst.

There is talk of Ravenwing jetbikes being used other than by Sammael. I think jetbike squadrons would be very cool but should be restricted to just his (Sammael's) Command squadron.

Also rumoured, a plasma sponson option for the Predator, and the inclusion of the Land Raider Ares in the Codex too.

Not much to get stuck into and certainly very flimsy as far as rumours go I think. Could've made these up myself without much thinking about it as they are that obvious — in fact it's almost embarrassing to type them!


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