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New DA model images

20 December 2012 | 6th Edition

Thanks to ZombieDK on DakkaDakka for posting photos of the new upcoming Dark Angels models and characters on DakkaDakka.

White Dwarf is already out and in circulation in Denmark it seems. Oh and confirmation date of Dark Angels Codex release: Saturday 12th January 2013.

In addition to a lot of images, Also there, a list of the new models kits and prices:

  • Belial £15 $22.25 22.25 Euros
  • Asmodai £11 $19.25 15.50 Euros
  • Ravenwing Dark Talon £45 $75 60 Euros
  • The new Ravenwing Battleforce £70 $110 90 Euros
  • Ravenwing Command Squad £30 $50 40 Euros
  • Deathwing Command Squad/knights/normal £35 $50 45 Euros
  • Ravenwing land Speed Vengeance £40 $65 50 Euros

Well I'm not a fan of Belial — he's far too static — something really not right with his legs. Interesting the sword of silence / storm bolter load out. I wonder if he'll retain his weapon swap options now he's a 'proper model' maybe the additional weapons are part of the kit? Asmodai looks a bit wooden too.

But Deathwing (Terminators in robes at last) and Command squad offer great conversion possibilities; and Ravenwing looking ace (twin-linked plasma guns). The Land Speeder Vengeance with front turret thingy looks very awkward, very awkward and ill-proportioned. Back weapon platform looks ok though — and yet more plasma!! Gamewise it looks like it could cause some damage.

new DA Codex cover
January's WD cover with new DA models on show.

new RW Black Knight models
RW Black Knights, plasma goodness.

new RW Command Squad sergeant model
A RW Command Squad biker, sergeant.

new RW Command Squad Apothecary and Standard Bearer models
A RW Command Squad Apothecary and Standard Bearer.

new DW Command squad models
The DW Command Squad, note no Standard Bearer shown but he is an option.

new DW Knight models
The DW Knights, the best models of the bunch.

new Belial model
Belial looking coolly arrogant, but very static.

new Asmodai model
Asmodai also looking coolly arrogant, not as static as Belial.

new RW Land Speeder Vengeance model
Vengeance skimmer, the ugly duckling.

new RW Land Speeder Vengeance model
Vengeance skimmer with plasma, the ugly duckling with a sting.

new RW flyer models
The RW gets an air force at last.

What's shown

Ravenwing Black Knights

Great looking set of three biker models. One bike has a fairing-mounted grenade launcher, the other two get two possibly twin-linked plasma guns. Bikers are armed with sword (one model) and corvus double-headed hammer (two bikers). Also note the two meltabombs on the rear of one.

Ravenwing Command squad

Another three model set, this one with a Master (or an office of some kind) with a lot of nice DA detailing; and an Apothecary and a Standard Bearer. The Standard Bearer is the visually more stunning with his huge flowing banner fluttering alongside him. But the Apoth is great too and is certainly carrying a lot of medical kit. Reading the print, it would seem the Apothercary has an Auspex too. I hope this is a piece of wargear available throughout the DA Codex and not just there for show.

Deathwing Command squad

Five models, one is a "Champion" wielding the "massive halberd of Caliban", one an officer/sergeant complete with an oversized sword and a cloak, an apothecary and two other squad members. No Standard Bearer shown but he is an option. These models all have fantastic DW detailing on their armour and great DW shoulderpads. Wargear is interesting too: the two-handed halberd and the nearly full-length storm shield are the standout items.

Deathwing Knights

Just wow! Cloaked and hooded terminators with real character. These models just look awesome. Flails, mauls and beautiful DA-themed large elongated stoem shields are all interesting wargear developments. Great to see the traditional DW daggers making a comback too — not before time.

I note that both the DW Command squad, the Deathwing Knights and the normal Deathwing are all in the same box. No heavy weapons on display here but they are upgrade options, including a plasma cannon no less. All DW Knights and standard DW squads can be taken up to 10-men in size.


Well a nicely detailed figure but for me posed too statically. As a finecast model I'm not sure how poseable he will be — can't see if his arms can be repositioned or even changed for different weponed versions.


Again nicely detailed but the same criticism as for Belial for his wooden pose. Puzzling as the older model was much more dynamic than this new version, maybe the model will look better in the flesh. But please please please can he have the Blades of Reason.

Land Speeder Vengeance

Hmmmm, not sure about that front turret and gunner. Overall it just seems to have to many engines and small wings. The covered over passenger/gunner position just looks very odd. Plenty of plasma onboard though, so not all bad.

The other pic shows a weird relic/altar type rear deck, presumably that is the 'Darkshroud' device that this speeder is supposed to be getting.

Ravenwing flyers, Dark Talon and Niphilim fighter

So we get our own flyers… a ground attack and an air-superiority tool. Massive nose-mounted weaponry gives them the menacing look of an A10-Thunderbolt and I like the dipped wing design. As a design I like it better than the Storm Raven so that's something. Looks like there are two weapon option flyers on display here and both of those nose-mounted weapons I've never seen the like of before.

Really can't wait to see the rules for these things.

What's not shown

Looking back through the ongoing DA Codex rumours, several ommissions stand out. Does that mean they don't make the Codex or that they are on a later release schedule? I'm thinking here of the heavy flamer or plasma cannon Attack Bike and the plasma cannon turreted Predator as the main non-shows. Also no flak missile option Whirlwind, but that might come in a generic Space Marine update wave I guess.

No new model for Ezekiel or Azrael either. The later a surprise as he really is looking rather small in comparison to the hero models of today.

But all-in-all, fantastic to see new models coming our way. What with the DV set we've almost been spoiled you know. And those models bode well for an interesting codex too methinks.


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