The Dark Fortress

Updates to rationalise the DA Codex

4th Edition

This was developed by Adir and a few others on the Space Marine forum the Bolter & Chainsword in response to the lack of a sensible solution from Games Workshop regarding discrepency of like-for-like unit/wargear costs between the 4th Edition Dark Angels and Space Marine Codexes.

This particular rationalisation is clear and simple to understand and crucially is not overpowered so it should be acceptable by opponents and gaming clubs alike. As such I urge you to try it out and see how it goes for you. A PDF link is at the bottom of the page.

Having had a chance to review the 4th Space Marines Codex (C:SM from here out), I put together what I consider to be a rationalized update to the Dark Angels (C:DA) given a base set of updates from C:SM. The point was to level common options and wargear without radically changing core units (i.e. C:DA scouts remain Elites). As this is a living document please me know (via thedarkfortress) if I missed anything or if you have any other comments/suggestions.

The basic fundamentals of the rules are set out below.

DA rationalised faq


  • Remains exactly as per C:DA (i.e. the same special DA characters, no new librarian powers, etc.).


  • Dreadnought cost/options including Venerable as per C:SM (but no new units i.e. no Ironclad).
  • Terminators remain as per C:DA (Deathwing) but storm shields goes to 3+ inv (also includes Belial's) and CML goes to Hvy2 with C:SM points cost.
  • Terminators remain in squads of 5 and do NOT get dedicated transports (Land Raiders or Drop Pods).
  • C:DA Company Veterans get updated storm shields at C:SM points cost (specifically from Vanguard Vets entry).
  • C:DA Company Veterans get updated combat shields at C:SM points cost (specifically from Vanguard Vets entry).
  • Scouts stay as Elite; no update from C:SM.
  • Techmarine/servitor cost/wargear from C:SM (including the fact that he takes up an Elite FOC).
  • No Sternguard Veteran squad.


  • Tactical Marine units exactly as per C:SM.
  • No Scouts as troops.

Fast Attack

  • Assault Marine squads exactly as per C:SM.
  • Ravenwing squadrons exactly as per C:DA except Land Speeder costed per C:SM.
  • Land Speeder options/cost from C:SM (including Typhoon missile launcher).
  • No standalone Attack Bike squadrons.
  • No scout bikes.
  • No Land Speeder Storm.
  • No Vanguard Veteran squad.

Heavy Support

  • Common unit/vehicle entries taken from C:SM (including new wargear, i.e. signum for the Devastator sargeant).
  • Land Raider transport capacities from C:SM.
  • POTMS from C:SM.
  • No LR Redeemer.
  • No Thunderfire Cannon.
  • No Chronus.

Dedicated Transports

  • Drop Pod costs and capacity as per C:SM except no drop pod assault.
  • Razorback costs and options as per C:SM.


  • No Combat Tactics — assume C:DA characters' unique special abilities as our Chapter Tactics that overrides C:SM combat tactics.
  • Psychic Hood rules as per C:SM.
  • No Honor Guard or Command squad from C:SM.
  • Absolutely no use of C:SM special characters.

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