The Dark Fortress

June's White Dwarf spine

28 May 2012 | 5th Edition

So we now have a face, but can we tell what who it is yet? This is becoming frustrating and good fun in equal measure: the 'guess who this is game'.

With June's White Dwarf spine we now have over 50% of this DA figure. So who is staring back out at us? Well could be Azrael as everything is pointing that way: the details on the vents of his power armour's back pack passes a striking resemblane to that depicted in the current DA Codex (page 47); the highly decorative chest plate of his 'Protector' artificer armour; the little Angel by his back pack; and the possible hooded Watcher at the base of the pic; the highly decorative dagger and its retaining red belt; the plasma blaster… and why would GW put anyone other than him on the spine? Compelling?

Well by the same token it could be a Chapter Master of course — with suitably ornate armour and a new weapon. Nothing's a done deal yet.

But really, it is Azrael isn't it?


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