The Dark Fortress

Command Briefing 2011

Disciples of Caliban 'Belial' by Jay

Added to the ORATORIUM [18/12/11]

A fully magnetised 'Belial', kitted for every situation with twin claws, Heavenfall blade and storm bolter and you really have to see his storm shield and thunder hammer pose. Very skillfully converted and painted.

Combined Arms. A bone, black and green Dark Angels tactica

Added to the TACTICA REPORTS [10/12/11]

Thoughts and insights in to what you can do when designing a Dark Angels army list without going too far down any of the specialised routes that Beliel or Sammael allow.

Ezekiel and Deathwing

Added to the TECH REPORTS [8/12/11]

DA Librarians with their unlimited range psychic hood offer a real advantage over the current crop of psychic-centered SM armies and are undoubtedly useful against an ever widening band of 40K armies out there many of which now wield impressive arrays of psychic ability. In order to meet that challenge are the Space Marine Librarians. And the Dark Angels' only and best Ld10 Librarian is Ezekiel.

Ravenwing standard bearer and escort by Zubr

Added to the ORATORIUM [5/12/11]

Anyone wanting a reason to spend the points on a large cinematic billowing Ravenwing standard, look no further. A brilliant example of freehanding and creativity displayed here by Zubr.

Updated: The Book of Names

Added to the LIBRARIUM [1/12/11]

Several pages from the Book of Names have been added to, giving you more names to choose from when naming your Unforgiven characters and vehicles etc. New names entered to pages A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, and Z.

Consecrators by EPK

Added to the ORATORIUM [18/11/11]

The Consecrators Successor Chapter have provided fertile ground for gamers and modellers who like their pre-Heresy style. Here is the start of a collection by EPK — so far consisting of a few models but promising much by way of conversions and painting.

Apologies for lack of new content this month

Added [23/10/11]

For various reasons October is a very busy month for me in real life — building up after several months of planning to a Fireworks event (to mark Guy Fawkes night) that I and a small team organise annually. This year will take place on Saturday 5th November and money raised goes to the three schools in my town. Once that is over I'll have more free time and my brain will be less frazzled.

Design the 'Rock'

Added to the TECH REPORTS [15/10/11]

Some while back on The Bolter and Chainsword someone posted a sketch of his thoughts on the design of the Rock. Finding it again recently got me thinking about what more could be done to bring this enigmatic item of our backstory to life.

Dark Angels in the field… by ellis_esquire

Added to the ORATORIUM [15/10/11]

ellis_esquire's superb DA depicted deployed on the tabeltop and looking, well, stunning and a bit angry.

Updated: 'Fury from the Skies' — deep strike shock special rules

Added to the TECH REPORTS [7/10/11]

These supplementary rules could force your opponent to test for morale when you deploy by deep strike.

So, the DA and Deathwing make it into the Wobbly Model Syndrome…

Added [26/9/11]

Anyone not found this delightfully tongue-in-cheek 40K comic — well you're missing out! You might like to see how the DA fare in comic #35…

Deathwing strikeforce by Lil Loser

Added to the ORATORIUM [16/9/11]

Metal termies like you've never seen them before. It's been a long time since we've featured a 'new' army built from the classic old metal terminator models, so it's a pleasure to showcase these two squads by Lil Loser.

Advertising opportunities on The Dark Fortress

Added to the HQ [15/9/11]

This is stepping into unknown territory for us but let's see how it works out. Nevertheless, one must move with the times and more importantly look to the future. And no, we're not selling our souls to the devil!

Mortarion's Flesh Tearers gain a Librarian Furioso Dreadnought

Added to the ORATORIUM [8/9/11]

So I'm a big fan of Mortarion's FTs, so I'm pleased to add a nicely battered Libby Furioso Dread with a superb freehand banner to one of his four gallery pages here on The Dark Fortress.

Iron Templar Contemptor Dreadnought by sword brethren

Added to the ORATORIUM [2/9/11]

Forge World's Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought is a model loved by some and loathed by others. I like it and I like this version put together by sword brethren for his homemade chapter the Iron Templars.

Deathwing squad and Land Raider by stobz

Added to the ORATORIUM [28/8/11]

You might have seen stobz's cool Belial conversion elsewhere on this site — this Deathwing squad with accompanying Land Raider builds on that theme.

ellis_esquire's DA strikeforce gains a Deathwing Standard Bearer

Added to the ORATORIUM [24/8/11]

Nicely put together using the popular (tailor-made as a basis for DW conversions) plastic winged skeleton standard from the Warhammer Empire General's sprue — and painted in ellis' signature style.

Mortarion's bloodied Flesh Tearers army gains a Land Raider

Added to the ORATORIUM [23/8/11]

The inspirational Flesh Tearers of Mortarion just keep growing. Land Raider is the latest addition, complete with freehand mural.

Dismounting Bikers special rules

Added to the TECH REPORTS [2/8/11]

These supplementary rules allows riders of bikes, attack bikes and jetbikes to dismount and fight as infantry.

Updated: Teleporting Out special rules

Added to the TECH REPORTS [29/7/11]

These supplementary rules allow for Terminators and other teleport-capable units to teleport out of the battle zone and to re-enter later from reserves.

Ravenwing strikeforce by bevulf

Added to the TECH REPORTS [23/7/11]

Ok so DA gamer bevulf has already applied his hand to turn out some excellent Greenwing, Deathwing and Sammael. So here's a good example of what can be done with the Ravenwing.

Death-dealing Deathwing 'Hammernator' Lists

Added to the TECH REPORTS [22/7/11]

Typhoons, Devs, Preds and Dreads. Building a DW list in pure from for optimum performance is always a challenge so the lists below add non-DW elements to help improve destructiveness.

The Prophet's Word Bearers gain a Land Raider or two

Added to the ORATORIUM [12/7/11]

Finally got around to adding two great Land Raiders to The Prophet's Oratorium page. Triple lascannon sponsons no less.

Supporting Heroes of Armageddon

Added to the HQ [24/6/11]

We are happy to suppport the Heroes of the Armageddon in their quest to build and sell 40K armies to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

A Dark Angels Strikeforce by Brother Michael

Added to the ORATORIUM [11/6/11]

One comes across really well painted Deathwing armies and one comes across really well painted greenwing armies, but, a combination of both in one army is unusual.

New additions to the Dark Angels strikeforce by ellis_esquire

Added to the ORATORIUM [8/6/11]

Additions to this ever increasing and dramatic collection of highly animated models includes a second Dreadnought, a drop pod and a Land Speeder Tyhoon.

A Fallen horde by Widowmaker

Added to the ORATORIUM [7/6/11]

If any army gives scope for outlandish creativity then Chaos marines fit the bill. Widowmaker's are firmly in the 'all-out-chaos' area.

Belial conversion by stobz

Added to the ORATORIUM [25/5/11]

So what do you get when you mix Commander Culln with Lugft Huron? A pretty cool Belial is what.

Company Master Helbron by bevulf

Added to the ORATORIUM [5/5/11]

Thanks to Imperial Armour V The Siege of Vraks (2009), we knew the Dark Angels had a Company Master named 'Helbron'. Here's bevulf's model of him.

Sammael on jetbike by bevulf

Added to the ORATORIUM [2/5/11]

Sammael is a tricky model to put together well let alone paint well to look the part of being in full flight. Here's how bevulf handled it.

Finally, a proper 'About Us' page

Added to the HQ [30/4/11]

It's taken seven years, but there is now a proper About Us page on this site. It brings together several previously separate items into one area, adds some new background info and some site FAQs. Hopefully it will prove useful for finding out more about The Dark Fortress.

By Royal appointment

The Dark Fortress wishes to extend its best wishes for the future happiness of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton, on the occasion of their wedding today.

Bulletin 19: Sector H24 defile

Added to the BULLETIN ARCHIVE [28/4/11]

Read the report on this short, sharp action as Sgt Halliza's Ravenwing Attack Squadron patrol encounters a renegade Ash Legion platoon.

Experimental multiwing lists II

Added to the TECH REPORTS [24/4/11]

In a continued process of re-evaluation in the light of the introduction of the January 2011 faq update I have cast a fresh eye and reconfigured three multiwing lists hopefully adding to their potency, but certainly changing their character.

Drop Pod added to Mortarion's Flesh Tearers

Added to the ORATORIUM [14/4/11]

Yep a bit more Flesh Tearer eye candy. The addition of a battered Drop Pod adds another transport option to Mortarion's bloodied warriors.

Experimental 'Ramwing' Lists

Added to the TECH REPORTS [9/4/11]

Forge World's glorious but expensive Space Marine skimmer transport — the Caestus Assault Ram — got my juices flowing at the thought of creating a 'flying' Deathwing at last. So with that in mind I've put these lists together for formation flying fun.

Important: server move next Tuesday 12th April

Added to the HQ [6/4/11]

Our hosting company, United Hosting, are upgrading their servers. As a result of this The Dark Fortress will be offline next week for approximately 13 hours from 20:00pm Tuesday 12th April until 09:00pm Wednesday 13th April (GMT) as it will be moved onto a brand spanking new (and faster) server. Hopefully things should migrate fairly painlessly, no doubt there will be fun and games if it doesn't.

New additions to the Dark Angels strikeforce by ellis_esquire

Added to the ORATORIUM [3/4/11]

An ever increasing and ever dramatic collection of highly animated models very creatively painted. Latest additions include a Venerable Dreadnought and some superb Ravenwing bikers.

Prospero Burns: an ongoing review

Added to the TECH REPORTS [24/3/11]

Marketed somewhat puzzlingly perhaps as being a companion book to Graham McNiell's very entertaining A Thousand Sons, I was really looking forwards to a weekend romping through it. Then I got to page 15.

Updated: Successor Deathwing strikeforce by Littlebitz

Added to the ORATORIUM [14/3/11]

A growing and impressive looking successor Deathwing army, led by Captain Vindicis (Belial) Master of the First Company of the Angels of Vindication. Although not painted to everyone's tastes perhaps, as a creative approach to themed army building it's hard to fault.

Flesh Tearer heroes and assault troops by Mortarion

Added to the ORATORIUM [10/3/11]

Blood Angel characters and assault troops as you've never seen them before: as Flesh Tearers. Mortarion's excellent Flesh Tearer models feature elsewhere within the ORATORIUM — those here are more recent additions that deserve their own page.

Belial and Deathwing squad by Lord Shaper

Added to the ORATORIUM [7/3/11]

A very dramatic take on Belial and his accompanying Deathwing squad on patrol seeking the enemies of the Imperium… battle-worn old campaigners.

The Dark Fortress no longer supports Internet Explorer 6

Added to the HQ [6/3/11]

It's come to our attention that various design and other additions to this site are simply not working in IE6. And due to both limited expertise and time required to produce hacks that will make it work, it's probably better not to worry about it.

Hector Rex and retinue by Praesor

Added to the ORATORIUM [5/3/11]

The drive for painting excellence comes in many forms. Sometimes it's just the challenge of trying to complete something for a deadline. Sometimes it's the wish to do justice to a beautiful model. Praesor's Inquisitor and retinue fulfilled both challenges and serve as an inspiration for both perseverance and focus.

More additions to the Dark Angels strikeforce of ellis_esquire

Added to the ORATORIUM [1/3/11]

And this is just the vanguard of ellis_esquire's army — so plenty more to come. Highlights are two-banner standard bearer and an 'Asmodai' Interrogator-Chaplain. If the rest follow the creative standards of these models then we are in for a real treat.

Gzip compression enabled

Added to the HQ [27/2/11]

As part of the constant improvements we are making here at The Dark Fortress, a site-wide compression function has been enabled. The result is faster load times and a decrease in bandwidth useage.

Feel No Pain?

Added to the TECH REPORTS [26/2/11]

The Unforgiven's Apothecary has had to relearn how he attends his casualties. No longer does he save just one wound — instead he works harder for a chance to save all unsaved wounds in his unit per turn. So here's a quick and dirty look at how this 'new' rule for the Unforgiven works.

Site security being tightened

Added to the HQ [25/2/11]

Over the last month or so peculiar request strings (that is, people trying to get to specific nonexistent pages on this site) has prompted me to carefully evaluate the site's security.

Experimental 'Typhoonwing' lists

Added to the TECH REPORTS [20/2/11]

With the introduction of the DA Update FAQ of Jan 2011 it was time to look at extending pure Ravenwing lists in an attempt to take advantage of both unit and weapons/wargear changes.

Gremlins in the wires…

Added to the HQ [9/2/11]

Apologies, gremlins in the wires meant that the left vertical and footer horizontal navigation links disappeared from all the site's pages today (Tuesday). This has now been fixed, but pages with the missing links will need to be refreshed. Obviously our Tech-adepts were caught slipping in their worship of the Machine God, the required oaths and dedications have now been made to ensure things run smoothly.

Experimental 'Cyclonewing' Lists

Added to the ORATORIUM [7/2/11]

With the introduction of the DA Update FAQ of January 2011 I have had to reconfigure some elements within existing pure Deathwing lists to attempt to take advantage of new weapons and wargear. By doing so I hope to have hopefully improved their performance.

Updated: Dark Angels Advantages and Divergences

Added to the TECH REPORTS [22/1/11]

Updated to reflect recent changes wrought by the Official Update version 1.1 FAQ.

Review: DA Official FAQ Update version 1.1

Added to the TECH REPORTS [21/1/11]

Updated to reflect recent changes wrought by the Official Update version 1.1 FAQ.

Sammy in Speeder by VanSan

Added to the ORATORIUM [9/1/11]

Another VanSan classic, this time a highly originally modified speeder ride for Sammael.