The Dark Fortress

6th DA Codex countdown

2 January 2013 | 6th Edition

Time is ticking way to the 12th and like many others I'm getting very excited!

And here's GW's minimalist teaser trailer to ramp up the excitement even more. Advance order date is the 5th January, so make sure you get yours in.

Confirmed rules from White Dwarf

Looking at the batrep within Jan's White Dwarf, the following new rules have kinda been confirmed:

  • Deathwing squads may take a plasma cannon
  • Tactical squads may take Flak missiles
  • Tactical squad sergeants get access to combi-weapons and storm bolters
  • Scouts are Troops
  • Ravenwing Attack Squadrons retain the max set up of 6 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike and 1 Land Speeder
  • Ravenwing Black Knights are a Fast Attack option
  • Land Speeder Vengeance is a Heavy Support option
  • The Nephilim and Dark Talon are both Fast Attack options


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