The Dark Fortress

Graphic style Dark Angels by an unknown artist

Too good to miss. Artist unknown.

Everything about this I like: the black power armour, the menace, the style, the restrained colour pallete. I suspect it's come from a spin-off 40K comic of some kind but it's not my field so I can't properly attribute the artist or source, which is a shame because this is amazing.

It's so different from the ultra-realistic semi-photogarphic renders we are seeing from Games Workshop nowadays. This is grittier and in spirit getting back to where 40K artwork originaly came from. It's refreshingly rough, sharp, dramatic and full of character.

Nicely porportioned and well drafted, there is a sence of paused action here which is great. The main character is looking straight at the viewer as he advances cautiously through the ruins — perhaps assessing whether to fill you full of bolter rounds maybe. The textured shadows are either cross-hatched or stenciled to look like the crude screen pattern reminiscent of pulp comics.

So much to like.


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