The Dark Fortress

Deathwing armoury by Payne

Currently fixated by big tanks(!). So here are three excellent Land Raiders and variants, from Payne.

A Redeemer, Crusader and Phobos to be correct, spearheading the Deathwing attack. The Redeemer look especially brutal.

Nicely weather-beaten and showing signs of wear and tear, the vehicles have and are leading a hard life for sure. Here’s how the armour colour was achieved, from bone to oil streaks:

My bone colour is as follows:
Vallejo Game Color Heavy Skin Tone, Vallejo Game Color Sand, white, oil pin wash using burnt umber, weathering of GW Vermin Fur with a white highlight, streaks and stains were produced from various brown oils.
Martin Payne

It just looks the part. The grimy dark red is great too. These areas of grime are offset by vivid blue detals on lascannons, and the deep deep blue of the persicope lenses and other optics.

I also like the way the green has been applied to break up the larger areas of bone. Note too the red vehicle numbering identifier detail on the side doors, and too on the rear armour. It’s unusual to see these not using the standard GW ‘gothic’ style that is being used to denote the Company number. I like it.

If I were in charge, I would make it a rule that all GW models should look this careworn and abused. You can keep your straight off the strike cruiser look.


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